The girl who can't be moved

Why I say the girl who can't be moved? Yeah, because it's me.

Let me ask him some question,
Are you handsome or good looking? Not really, before you met me you just like--I don't know how to describe it
Are you smart? Yeah, pretty smart. But I'm smarter
Are you charming? You just so-so but you have kinda charismatic
Are you tall? Yeah you're little taller than me, just little

Oke, he has so many good sides. But now I realize how bad he is. No, it doesn't mean he's a jerk or something like that. He is good, but not too good for me *just cheering myself*
Though this is my fault, he also did mistakes. There will be no smoke before a fire.

"How can I move on, when I'm still in love with you?" Yeah, this is clear to explain what I feel.
And you know, I really waiting for him but he just left me there.
I do really want to stop chasing him, his love or anything about him. I'm too dumb, too stupid, waiting for the one who never really love me.
Maybe he ever said he loves me, but I think if he really loves me, he would never give up on me even the hardest situation cause love always find way back. So in the past he just like me, but I do really love him.
I want to move on and I have to move on. It's only need times, but I hope it doesn't spend my entire life.

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