Asian Dream Cup 2014

Pernah nonton konser musik? Nonton pertandingan sepak bola? Pernah nonton variety show? Sekarang bagaimana ketika semua itu digabung dan yang main bola adalah pemain variety show "Running Man"?

Asian Dream Cup 2014 held on June, 2 2014 at Stadium Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta. It is my first experience come to this such event. I never went to music concert or football match before. So I'll tell you how it was.

I arrived there about 12.30 WIB. I came with my sista, then we walked around and took some photos at photo booth.

After that we went to gate II and waiting for the gate to be opened. We've been waiting for a few hours, but then the officer asked us to scan ticket bar code at east gate. Damn, it was just a shifty way to scatter the crowd in front of gate. Because of that, me and my sista got more behind at the queue line. It becomes worse when some people cut the line, not only that at the same time some people is yelling harsh word and pushing the line.

Finally, around 16.30 WIB the gates were opened. One by one has entered the stadium, including me and my sista, but she's left behind hehe.. Luckly I can got front seat, and enjoy the match.

What a surprising moment when Lee Kwang Soo runs around stadium, and he was really close to me just a few meters.. aaaaa

He is so charming, with the innocent face hihi kinda humble and down to earth, I think so.

It was great time though I know I'll never go to such this event anymore because I can't stand with the hectic situation, I don't want to be "pressed". Last words, hopefully, running man can be most successful variety show in the world.

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