The cycle of relation?

The moment in the past is just past. It can't be repeated, but have you ever realize that in the present we often get the things or stories seem like past? Could it be better or worse?

From stranger becomes acquaintance, friend, then the relationship is getting stronger we called it bestfriend or bf/gf. Next step maybe could be fiancé or husband/wife.

What would happened if the relationship doesn't work well? Would it be the end or start over again?
"Can we just start over again?"
"I'm sorry, it won't work"

When it really ends, maybe (s)he becomes somebody that we used to know. Ya, like gotye'song
"Now you're just somebody that I used to know~~~"
Our fate is made by ourself. Don't stop and give up cause we fell down. The good things, good people don't always wait for us. So, just keep movin forward

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