Bewitched by Korean Drama

Lately, I've watched several Korean Dramas and I really love the cast, flow, soundtrack and offcourse its story about.

Some people might become 'fangirling' after watch the drama, they like bewitched by the cast player. Haaaaa... I think I did so, I'm so excited while watching the drama. I cried, laugh out loud, sometimes wondering if I were in that drama, but not really become a fangirl cause when the movie/drama has ended, I also stop.

Once I began to watch drama, I become like autism. I look like have another world.

My friend took this, then aaa... I see why they always ask me to stop hahaha...

I like watch drama but I have none Korean Drama on my PC or disk. I always streaming on Youtube, that's why I always looking for wifi hoho..
Sooo... here several list of my favorite Korean Dramas. Hope you guys also like it :)

You Who Came From the Stars Cover.jpg

Official Poster - Emergency Man and Woman.jpg

The Inheritors poster.jpg

Sun of the Lord-poster.jpg

I Hear Your Voice Official Poster.jpg


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