Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday, isn't it my special day? 22 years ago, I was born in this amazing world. So, should I celebrate it every year?

I'm so happy, really, not because I got so many gifts from the people. I got nothing from others, not even from my family. I'm happy cause I still alive and surrounded by the people that I love.

Today, for me just like another day. Tho, I'm being grateful for everything in my life. This day should be my mom's special day because of me. For 22 years, she's looking after me, she's giving her best for me. Maybe, I'm a special gift that God gave to her.

This year such a great year. So many things had happened and changing me instead. A girl become a lady, everything has changed.

Thank's God, it's obvious that without Your blessing I won't be here. Without You, I won't be this happy. Thank's God, You sent me a lot of people who care about me. Forgive me for my faults, my sins, and all of my bad

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